Virtual Tutoring-2nd Grade

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In the fall of 2020, I took a reading intervention course that included experience one-on-one tutoring a second-grader. Due to COVID, we could not meet in person, so my 2nd grader and I met virtually over Google Meet. During the first session, I conducted an interest inventory to get to know her better, a sight word inventory to see where her approximate reading level was, an informal reading inventory, and a potential inventory where we would read a passage and she answered comprehension questions. The goal of this first session was to gauge where her instructional reading level was.

All of the sessions that followed were comprised of a sight word game, comprehension activity, oral reading where she would read to me, and pleasure reading where I would read to her. I made a variety of sight word games like chutes and ladders, bingo, connect 4, cross the river board game, go fish, Ispy, memory, tic tac toe, this or that, and more. We also learned about cause and effect, sequencing, main idea, and supporting details to help with her comprehension. One virtual tool that I used during every session was the Bitmoji classroom where I included an outline of what activities we would do during the session. I customized the virtual classroom with some of her favorite things so it felt like our shared space. Here is a photo of what my original Bitmoji classroom looked like.

Tutoring was a great experience for me. I worked with my second-grade buddy for about four months and it was amazing to see her growth in what felt like a short period of time. She went up to reading level N after starting the year below a second-grade reading level. It also challenged me to come up with engaging activities that could be done virtually. Through this experience I found that I enjoy working one-on-one with a student and am passionate about teaching reading to young students.

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